Welcome to Pilates, Pipettes, and PB. I’m Anushka and I’m so happy you stopped by!

Who is the girl behind the blog? 

I’m a California girl at heart with strong roots to Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian cultures. Growing up with the opportunities to, quite literally, sample different cuisines has left me with a profound respect for different flavor palettes and the desire to constantly whip up something simultaneously atypical and delicious. And yes, I am beyond excited to be able to share these with you!

Three phrases that I would use to define myself, you ask?

Health food junkie. Fitness addict. Smartypants. Well, that last one’s a lie. I predominantly wear leggings, anyway.

If you can’t already tell, there are pretty much three things that excite me tremendously:

Being active. Eating. And science.

Eclectic? Maybe. Invested? You betcha!

How did I get into leading an active lifestyle? 

Blogilates is where things really started for me. While I was fairly active prior to Blogilates, everything fell into place, both with my eating habits and maintaining a consistent routine, with Cassey Ho’s fun and challenging workouts. It started almost four years ago and I have never looked back since then. In addition to Pilates, I also enjoy hiking, lifting weights, cardio kickboxing, running, and PIIT (essentially a mash-up of pilates and High Intensity Interval Training). Honestly, as long as it’s something that gets me moving and my endorphins start flowing, I’m a happy camper!

One of these things is not like the other. How does being a graduate student in biology play a role in this blog? 

Well, I’m glad you asked! Food and fitness go hand-in-hand, surely, but nerdy science talk? That’s often swept under the rug. Well, I hope to bring it into the spotlight!

Things are often cited as “a fact” if there is research conducted on the topic of interest. Sadly, not all research is good research, and that’s something I hope to highlight with this side of the blog. I firmly believe that it’s important to be able to reach conclusions independently based on the data at hand, but all too often, said data is often hard to comprehend. De-mystifying scientific papers and actually making them comprehensible to those not in the field of expertise is something I am eager to share with all of you.

If there’s one thing I want to express with this blog, it’s this:

Move often. Eat whole. Think independently.